Hi. I’m Colleen Eakins (Call-leen A-kins)…

and you probably want to know a little more about me. So, let me introduce myself: I am a freelance graphic designer, art director and self proclaimed branding ninja. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that you are probably most interested in my professional and educational background, so I will start there.

My educational background is in both graphic design and marketing. I received my undergraduate bachelor’s degree from the University of Alabama in Hunstville where I majored in graphic design. I entered the Tennessee Valley Advertising Federation’s student ADDY awards competition, and won a Gold ADDY for a self promotional piece while there. My MBA is with a concentration in Marketing and I obtained it from AIU-Dunwoody after making a move from Huntsville, AL to Atlanta, GA.

My professional career started within the real estate industry doing graphic design for a home builder and real estate company. I truly enjoyed my time there and I still say that it was the best place I have ever worked. I honed my organizational skills, wrote press releases, participated in marketing strategy sessions and did some designing while there. It was a supportive and friendly work environment that allowed me to stretch my wings and fly…corny, I know.

My time in corporate America ended working as a contract graphic designer for 3M in Atlanta. When I interviewed for the position, I was told, “this will not last past three months.” It lasted four years and I am pretty proud of that fact. I was able to prove my value and last through cutbacks, budget freezes and almost two years after my entire department was moved from the Atlanta location to headquarters in St. Paul, MN.

Since that time, I have been freelancing on a full-time basis (did it part-time since college), by choice. I love the freedom it brings, although I could probably do without the extra stress that sometimes comes with it. I do everything from digital design like websites, web ads and social media design to more traditional design like logos, business cards and brochures. I approach my design from a marketing perspective and say, “anyone can make a pretty picture, but is it effective?” I feel if it will not convert to sales, clients, etc., then it is worthless. My understanding of marketing plays a key role in my design.

Why do clients like me? Because I am easy to work with, prompt, upbeat and I know what I’m doing. Toot, toot goes my horn, but you can read it in their words [  here. ] Having read all of that, you might wonder if I think I’m perfect. Absolutely not! I’m not perfect. One thing I know however, is this:  My background, experience and competence in graphic design are a perfect fit for you and your business!

So, take a look around the site. Read a little and [  view my work.  ]  if you are in need of a great freelance graphic designer or art director, [  give me a shout. ]  I may just be the (wo)man you need!