“If I could be Oprah Winfrey for a day, everyone would get a mobile app.” -Colleen Eakins

In this increasingly digital world, businesses large and small have to continuously work hard to keep up with the pace. It used to be that everyone needed a website, but most didn’t have one. Then, everyone needed a mobile friendly or responsive website. Now, everyone needs a mobile app.

The good thing about advances in technology is that what may have previously been out of reach from a business financial perspective, is now affordable.

That’s where I come in. I have the capability to give you what you need, at a price you can afford. The great thing about mobile apps is that for most businesses, the return on investment pays off the up-front initial and recurring monthly costs.

Now affordable does not mean cheap. No, I will not design, build and host your mobile app for $5. You may  find someone on fiver.com that will, but keep in mind that you get what you pay for.

If you are:

  • a restaurant

  • a barber

  • a massage therapist

  • a church

  • a school

  • a public figure

  • a non-profit

  • a small business

  • a service professional

Then you need an app developed.

What do you get with my mobile app design and development services?

With my mobile app design and development services you will receive an initial (virtual) consultation via a GoTo Meeting, to go over your needs and the questionnaire I will send to you. You will be provided with a custom quote within a week of the consultation and if everything looks good and is agreeable, you will accept, sign and make your deposit payment online through my secure system or by mailing a check.

My team and I will map out the components needed and provide you with a flow chart that outlines the functionality and the flow of a user through your app. Think of it as being similar to a website sitemap, but for an app.

We will then create wireframes, which are a really rough version of the app screens for what was outlined in that flow chart you received. This will help you visualize what the app will look like before we really dive into the design. This also makes it easier for us to make any changes you may have visually, before committing to the look of things.

Next, we will take those approved wireframes and make them look really pretty. No seriously, we will make them look as close as possible to what the real app will look like. At this point, you get another chance to weigh-in and approve before we build the prototype for your review.

Prototyping means we are almost finished. Hip, hip, hurray! Once you have reviewed your prototype and approved any final edits that were made, we will hit our internal ‘publish’ button and your app is sent off to the app store(s) for approval. While we wish we were the geniuses that created Apple and Google, sadly we are not and will be at their mercy as we await their approval. However, once we receive it, YOU ARE LAUNCHED!

Depending on what your needs, and what we discussed in the initial consultation, you may have a control panel that will allow you to make and push out updates to your app.

Mobile App Monthly Cost

There is a monthly fee (can be paid yearly at a discount) to host and keep your app active. Depending on the features you have, that fee can range from $99-$499 a month. Most people need features that fall in the $99 a month price.

Don’t let that price scare you, think of it in terms of how many customers, clients, bookings, orders, etc. you would need per month to cover the expense. If you’re pushing out offers to customers through the app, that alone could bring in enough business to offset the cost!

Let’s get started! Contact me today to get your new mobile app designed.